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Уметь надо :gigi: Я, конечно, помнил, что по осени с деревьев у подъезда падали яблоки. Но закономерной связи "значит, по весне будут цвести" не учел.
Кровать у нас стоит вплотную к окну. По звонку будильника сажусь с матами, смотрю в окно... Ну ок, проснулся мгновенно)
Два часа назад было, все еще перед глазами руки Леоны на белых мраморных перилах.

It was two years of daily practice before she mastered the gift enough to go from learning to experimenting.
-Dad, I've been working on something and I think I finally got it. Can we try it out?-
-What is it, darlin'?-
-Just don't resist, ok? It's a surprise-
She was excited and so eager to try. He smiled into the darkness.
-Now close your eyes and relax.-
He leaned back, his head against the stone wall, and let her.
And the world exploded with color and light.

Her soft laughter was the first thing he heard when his mind adapted enough to take in something besides the visual flow. The picture snapped into focus, and he saw her - a blond young girl with mischief in her dark brown eyes. Her features were still somewhat childish, and yet seeing her made him momentarily wonder what Nicci looked like at that age. She nodded, grinning.
-Everyone says I take after Mom. Oh, I like this side effect! I can read your mind more clearly like this.-
-You're looking through my eyes. I gave you access to what I'm seeing.-
She laughed again, happy that her experiment worked. Belatedly, he realized she was sitting in front of a huge mirror.
-I thought that if I can get into your mind, but you can't get into mine on your own, than maybe I could pull you in enough for you to see. I'm so glad it worked.-
She was sensing his reactions, and he was grateful for that too, for not having to phrase what he was feeling right then and there. He was too overwhelmed with the ability to see.
-We'll be doing this all the time now. I'll finally show you everything I've been wanting to, like that magic crystal.-
She was wearing a dress the color of periwinkles.
-I mean I won't have to imagine those things anymore, I can just show them to you.-
There was a large window behind her, opening into a bright blue nothing.
-Oh, you've got to see the view from the balcony!-
She jumped up, the image shifted and whirled - a glimpse of the room interior, some greenery in heavy pots at the window, Leona's delicate fingers on a white marble banister - and then an incredible vastness of blue, green and white unfolded before him.
-The apple trees are in bloom, and there's a warm breeze, I can smell the flowers. Oh, I'll figure out a way to pass all these impressions to you too!-
The Azrit plains were planted with trees as far as the eye could see.
-Wh-what's wrong?-
She was sensing his reactions all too well now.
-So much time has past.-
He showed her the Azrit plains the way he remembered them.
-No. You were almost-thinking about something else.-
"Almost-thinking." She caught the reaction but not the reason for it.
-The last time I saw this place, I was leading a great army. Now--
Even before he thought it, there was no fooling his girl.
-I never realized the gardens grew on bones.-
She was feeling a patriotic kind of awe for what was her home city but did not want to offend him.
-Go see your mother now.-
That distracted her from the inner conflict.
-You want to see Mom? Oh.-
She giggled.
-Silly of me to ask. Of course you do.-

Заодно осознал, что на альпийской горке во дворе, столь радующей мелкими голубыми цветами, растут они самые - periwinkles. Вот ровно такой цвет:

@темы: гет на мою голову, C

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Wow. :hlop:

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Irit, трава такая трава, да) Я опасался, что с окончанием участия команды в битвах тема для меня потеряет актуальность... ЩАЗ)

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Ветер на якоре | Supportive and refluffable | Страдятел | Мурчащий дятл, уникальный вид
ДА ЛАДНО потеряет! :lol: С чего ты вообще такую глупость думал! )))

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Irit, вот сам сейчас задаюсь вопросом) Оно, наоборот, еще ярче пошло - хотя, казалось бы, куда уж ярче. В основном по гетной линии, но не только)) Перечитываю тут про всяких блондинистых, урр.

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Это про которых? :shy:

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негодяй и извращенец (С)
Irit, сейчас - про тренировку юного Даркена) По сериалу.

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Оу. Мррр. :sunny: Я вчера перечитывал. :shuffle2: Слишком громко думал? )))


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